Expert Services

As Murfreesboro’s most experienced European and Japanese import auto repair shop we’ve spent over 45 years building relationships with our neighbors throughout Rutherford County and middle Tennessee.

Because we’re a local, family-owned company and not an out-of-town chain—we’re part of this community and proud to say so.

Professional Car Repair Services

Our ASE Certified Master Tech’s maintain, service and repair every make of European and Japanese automobile on the road—as well as Domestics.

Brake Repair and ABS System Repairs

We take your brakes seriously. We understand that the most important feature on your European or Japanese import are the brakes. If you can’t stop, you shouldn’t go. European brake systems are often more complicated therefore they need to be inspected, maintained and repaired by expert import mechanics. Our ASE certified mechanics only use recommended OE (original equipment) brake pads and brake shoes on our customers cars. We also do a full inspection to make sure your anti-locking brake sensors and modules are operating correctly, inspect solid and and vented brake rotors, as well as all brake lines, properly worn tires and we even make sure your brake fluid is clean and properly filled.

Suspension Services

Whether you drive a road-hugging Porshe or a vintage Volkswagen, we can inspect, maintain and repair your suspension system. Shocks, struts, ball joints, leaf springs, coil springs, tie-rods, and the many of additional suspension system parts must be in perfect working condition to make sure your vehicle handles safely.Poorly maintained suspension systems can cause your European or Japanese import to handle improperly, which makes you and others on the road less safe. We inspect, recommend and install OE recommended suspension equipment for all European and Japanese makes and models as well as Domestics.

Lubrication Services

At Rays Imports, we use LiquiMoly for our oil changes as well as any synthetic, synthetic blends or standard motor oil upon request.

Coolant Services

High performance engines typically run at hotter temperatures.Therefore, your cooling system must work flawlessly to keep you engine performing correctly and preventing major damage. We use a Manufacturer Coolant to ensure your European or Japanese car runs cool in winter and summer.

Transmission Services

European and Japanese Transmissions need a well-trained and experienced mechanic working on them to make sure they operate correctly. Our transmission repair and maintenance services vary based on the vehicle, but we always use Original Equipment (OE) recommended transmission fluids and transmission filters.

Drive Belt Services

All drive belts are the same, right? Wrong. Drive belts vary in quality just like any other product on the market. We make sure your vehicle uses the right OE belts so that your engine runs right and long. Some of the drive belt brands we use are Mighty, Gates, Conti-Tech and Bando.

Fuel Cleaning Services

A dirty fuel system will rob you of both performance and gas mileage. When we provide Induction Services on our customer’s vehicles we clean all carbon deposits from the fuel system (includes injectors, throttle plates and valves) which improves both horse power and fuel efficiency.You’ll be amazed at how much better your European or Japanese import car will run after a good Fuel Cleaning.

Filter Services

How many filters does your car have? 2, 5,15? Every vehicle has several different kinds of filters throughout the engine, drive train and environmental control system.We ensure that all filters are properly replaced according to OE recommendations. Keeping your filters clean helps your vehicle run more efficiently and last longer.

Regular Maintenance

Several European and Japanese cars require frequent maintenance and tuning in order to keep the warranty active. We’ll alert you via email or phone when your vehicle is scheduled for maintenance according to your manufacturers recommendations and requirements.Our trained and experienced ASE technicians provide thorough inspections, correct recommendations, proper repairs and clear communication so that your vehicle runs efficiently and properly.