Performance & Special Services

Ray’s Imports LOVES the Performance side of cars. However you want your car to perform better, wether its to go faster or a more aggressive look, we have you covered.

Performance Services


We are an authorized dealer for APR Tuning. We can increase power and torque for your Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche through flash tuning or bolt on products from APR.


If you want your car to handle better, look more aggressive, or just slammed, we got you covered! We can do ANY suspension modifications you desire.


Our state of the art Hunter Wheel Alignment machine can do wheel alignments on ALL lowered vehicles. We got you covered!

Specialty Services

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Buying a car can be an expensive purchase. Buying a used car can save you thousands of dollars – as long as you are aware of that car’s condition. And we’re not just talking about blemishes, dents or scratches. We’re talking about what’s under the hood – you know the parts of the car that can really add up to costly fixes.

That’s why at Ray’s Import Auto Repair, we offer a Pre Purchase Car Inspection. While test drives and CARFAX research are all good ideas, the single most important piece of information you can gather is an expert’s opinion on the car’s current condition. Having us inspect the car you are considering could save you thousands of dollars.

A pre purchase inspection can uncover hidden problems, protect you from unexpected repairs, enhance your safety, and possibly lower the purchase price! Remember, if you find a problem – you can negotiate a lower price.

Headlight Restoration

Ray’s Imports now offers headlight restoration!

Did you know that when your headlights are foggy or aged, your visibility lessens at night?

Headlight Restoration:

  • Improves Night Vision
  • Increases Safety
  • Restores Appearance


Ray’s Imports has extensive knowledge and experience in Classic Car Repairs, Maintenance and Restorations. From basic electrical repair, full re-wiring, engine repairs, engine replacement, engine transplant, suspension repairs, suspension upgrades, suspension lowering etc…

Let us know how we can help you with your classics.